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Webinar: Best Q4 Ever!

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Who wants to be buried in paperwork at the end of the year? With some strategic planning, the fourth quarter doesn’t have to be a headache. Watch the video recording as we discuss how brokers and agency support team members can have the best Q4 ever.

Strategizing the fourth quarter: 
Planning ahead for smooth renewals

Adopting a tech solution:
Forget faxing – enrollment’s online this year 

Communicating effectively:
Tips for every stage of the process

Executing a firm timeline:
How to get wrapped up by mid-December – really!

With open enrollment right around the corner, now is the time to strategize your Q4 game plan.

Webinar Series: 
Best Q4 Ever!

1. Knowing your strategy & crafting
    your message

2. Handling client conversations

3. Building better business 
    strategies for increased revenue
    and efficiency

Speaker: Craft Hayes

Craft Hayes leads the sales team at BerniePortal, the all-in-one HRIS for small and mid-sized businesses. His direct brokerage experience gives him and his team particular insight into the challenges faced by BerniePortal’s broker partners, and how BerniePortal is poised to solve them.





In this video we'll discuss: