HR's Guide to Hosting the Perfect Interview

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The Art of Interviewing

   Interview tips, skills and techniques
  Sample interview template
  Steps to build your own interview
  Interview question recommendations
   Additional recruitment resources to help along the way
   Fun facts about PTO across the 
       United States

  Federally mandated time off 
        protections  and regulations

  Nuances of different PTO approaches

Unemployment is at its lowest in 50 years and we’re in the midst of a candidate-driven market, making it increasingly more difficult for small and mid-sized businesses to compete and hire quality candidates. In such a challenging recruiting environment - and with a top goal of HR leaders to build a fully-staffed workforce - make sure you have a standardized and effective interview process in place this year. 

Download this complete guide for the tools, resources and tips you need to secure top candidates before they’re off the market.

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