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HR FAQs and Best Practices

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In the past several weeks, Paycor has fielded over 10,000 questions from HR departments across the country struggling with coronavirus-related challenges. During this webinar, Henry Link, Paycor’s Principal Marketing Channel Strategist, will answer the most common COVID-19 questions thrown their way. Henry will share resources and best practices around:

Henry will share resources and best practices around:

Henry Link

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BerniePortal is an online all-in-one HR platform that help small and medium-sized employers solve the transactional challenges of HR such as onboarding, PTO tracking, compliance, benefits administration, 1094-C / 1095-C reporting and performance management. 

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New pressing COVID-19 regulations employers to need to know

Henry Link is Paycor’s Principal Partner Marketing Strategist, focusing on aligning the HR and Payroll challenges faced by Paycor’s 40,000 clients with the resources, guides, and data provided  by Paycor’s HR Center of Excellence. Since joining Paycor in 2013, Henry has spearheaded many initiatives to better understand the day to day challenges that keep business leaders up at night. Helping to provide the feedback and data needed to deliver features and content that help Paycor’s customers make a difference in their organization. Henry has overseen  and been an integral part in Paycor’s client communication strategy, the planning, development and launch of Paycor’s HR Center of Excellence, and Paycor’s vertical and partner content strategy for the last six years.