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Employers and recruiters are finding it increasingly more difficult to navigate the challenge of hiring high-quality candidates in this competitive candidate-driven market. We’re seeing the lowest unemployment rate in years, leaving more open job positions than candidates to fill them - and we see this trend continuing in the future. 

So how do you make sure your interview process will deliver the right hire? This roadmap will help you build a clear step-by-step plan for finding the right candidate faster. Navigate the process with ease - from the first conversation to the final reference check. 

In this e-book we’ll discuss the 4 steps to finding the right candidate:

1. Phone Interview

2. Assessments & Skills Tests

3. Face-to-Face Interview

4. Reference Check

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STEP 1: Phone Interview


STEP 2: Assessments


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Interview Roadmap

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4-step process to finding the right candidate



STEP 4: Reference Check



STEP 3: Face-to-Face Interview

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