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Many small employers tend to offer fewer benefits versus larger employers, even though most would like to offer a more competitive benefits package. Many people tend to think cost is the reason, and that small employers can't afford as many lines of coverage as a big corporation. 

However, the actual reason small employers tend to offer less competitive benefits packages is not because of cost. Rather, it is because of the administrative burden on the HR department of offering so many benefits.

BerniePortal addresses the challenges of offering additional lines of coverage by making it easy for small employers to offer robust benefits packages on par with larger companies. 

Download the e-book to learn how BerniePortal reduces the administrative burden of offering more benefits and allows small employers to better compete for talent. 

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Recognizing the ROI of a Benefits Administration Platform


A Case Study


Administrative Challenges & Solutions


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Build More Competitive Benefits

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How BerniePortal creates a level benefits playing field for small and mid-sized employers

The Transactional Costs of Benefits



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