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BerniePortal’s Performance Management feature helps employers ensure high-quality feedback and employee growth by encouraging regular 1:1 meetings and providing an open forum for discussion and documentation.

This case study dives into how BerniePortal’s Performance Management feature helped benefits brokerage, Bernard Health, solve several HR pain points as seen through the eyes of Ryan McCostlin, leader of the HR and Finance team for Bernard Health.

Learn how Bernard Health successfully implemented the new Performance Management tool to promote employee development and ensure transparency across the organization. 

Additionally, get an inside look at Bernard Health's company-wide 1:1 meeting strategy!

Why do you think regular feedback is important?


What challenges did implementing BerniePortal's Performance Management feature help you solve?


From a compliance standpoint, what is the largest benefit of using a Performance Management tool?


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Performance Management

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How does this feature help keep managers–and managers of managers–accountable?



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