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You’ve agonized over creating a great job description and finally posted it to the world - and it worked! Now it’s time to narrow down the resumes you’ve received to only a select few. 

Responding to applications and inviting candidates to interview can be a time-consuming and tricky game. When you’ve chosen the lucky candidates to invite in, use our quick templates to not only get them through the door but to keep them engaged throughout the entire hiring process.

Templates included:

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Applicant Tracking
Email Templates

   Application acknowledgment
  Request for interview availability
  TBNT (Thanks but no thanks)
  Refer to another open job position 
  Job offer
   Fun facts about PTO across the 
       United States

  Federally mandated time off 
        protections  and regulations

  Nuances of different PTO approaches

How to write a job description:

Red Flags: Analyzing Interviews: