A Broker's Playbook:

It’s 2020, and what we once considered “normal” has gone out the window. With open enrollment season quickly approaching, now’s the time for broker’s to start thinking about how they can adapt with much of the workforce being remote. Say goodbye to the in-person enrollment meetings– and hello to a new strategy: we’re going virtual!

Whether temporary or part of a more permanent business model, the remote workforce is here.

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What's Inside

In this e-book, we’ll discuss:

  • Step One: Virtual Prospecting– a sensitive approach, don’t change what works, differentiating yourself from competitors, and making sales adjustments
  • Step Two: Virtual Communication(s)– emails, cheat sheets, and benefits guides
  • Step Three: Virtual Open Enrollment Meetings
  • Step Four: Benefits Enrollment– the benefits of an HRIS and what to look for in the software
  • Step Five: Carrier Communications
  • Step Six: The BerniePortal Solution

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About BerniePortal

BerniePortal is an online all-in-one HR platform that help small and medium-sized employers solve the transactional challenges of HR such as onboarding, PTO tracking, compliance, benefits administration, 1094-C / 1095-C reporting and performance management.


Overall we have been really pleased with our experience. The way that we've been able to work with the BerniePortal team to improve both our internal processes and improve the system itself has been a really helpful to us.

Diana Epstein

LD&B Insurance and Financial Services

Now we have a way of going out and asking, what are your pain points, and here are our solutions to those pain points. We’ve got compliance, customer service and a tangible platform—that has real value.

Grant Hendrickson

BRV Benefits

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